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Through the eyes of Lecora Alzuras

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

6:45AM - At the tone, leave your name and number and we'll get back to you... *quack quack, quack quack*

I dunno. Maybe its a hidden delectable delight to destroy brain cells as I talk to a person feeling their brain matter turn to mush. And I can't help it either that when someone says something, my brain is in overgear to destroy whatever reality of facts with my cold, hard thoughts on the matter that make sense... to me anyways. For todays little excerpt we are in my workplace (since I don't really talk to anyone from work outside of work for whatever reason withstanding). My co-worker was mentioning about his schooling growing up and how his school either sucked or was pretty small.

Chief: So you were home schooled?
Co-Worker: No, it was that our school sucked.
Me: I bet the Kool-Aid man was a teacher.
Other person: What?
Co-Worker: (Me) That person seems to think the Kool-Aid man is a child-molester.
Me: Of course, think about it, he only jumps through walls for kids. Him and Ronald both.
Me: Besides, I bet your school was out in the middle of nowhere, too.
Co-worker: Not really. But they did put us in a trailer because they were doing construction.
Me: That's what they wanted you to think, I bet there was no one else around.
Co-worker: There were a couple of houses down the road from the school, we weren't out in the middle of nowhere.
Me: Did you actually go to any of those houses? They were there just to trick you.
Co-worker: Well, no I hadn't but there were people in them.
Me: To make you think you were safe and not in the middle of nowhere.
Co-worker: Gah, your making my brain hurt that my brain cells are dying.
Me: Here, have some Jelly Brains. This should help. *munching on Jelly Brains (Bellys).

The actual conversation was better but it did end up with him saying I was killing his brain cells and I did offer him some Jelly Brains (said like that) since I was eating some. *nom, nom, nom*

Heh, almost forgot about armoured pigeons of which I have to talk about later. I wish I could record these conversations since I so do delight in my revier of delights.

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Friday, September 5, 2008

5:55AM - Alaska Captain! It's cold! *duh?*

"Full speed ahead!"
"We can't Cap'n! There's iceburg lettuce in front of us!"
"Release the Walrus then fool!"
"What Walrus Cap'n!? Put your pants back on!"

Yeah... some random snippet from my mind. Sorry you had to see that. o_o

So, I went to Security training the other day which was interesting. Did you know people still believe in being cold? Anyways, it's almost 6AM as we were awake before 4AM some even 2AM just because they live a ways outta the ways of the building. If you know me, then you know I don't get cold easily; hence I had no jacket and they were asking me if I had one becuase it would be cold (which we'd be shooting later on in the morning though it was already cold at the current time then). I calmly (as always) let them know I drove to work this morning... while it was cold outside... with my AC on.
*heh* Though it was a running gag on the ship, I never thought I'd hear it again, but someone randomly said I was from Alaska which is why I didn't need a jacket. When they said that, there was someone who almost actually believe them. I had to correct them and let them know I was not from Alaska though it was amusing to see their reaction having thought so. ^_^;;

But for the record, I am not from Alaska! *salutes*
Walrus can tap-dance but no longer in my head; I've not seen iceburg lettuce sink a ship, yet and I do have pants on for today. It's a good day.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

5:56PM - The Explorer!

Here's an LJ Quiz filtched from Darkpriestess. It's only 50 Questions but requires some thoughts in the answers you choose to match your personality?

The_ExplorerCollapse )

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5:20PM - Robots - Some assembly required as well as shipping and handling and batteries sold seperately...

I tend to consider myself a robot; I think some of my last Guildee's from my last Guild in WoW even thought so as well. Out of boredem I wrote a mini-script of which does not exist as I say it doesn't in regards to my random imagination of the sorts. In which case, being a robot doesn't seem to be too bad as far as things go?

For example, I seemed to have gotten programmed with not many emotions and seem to be equipped with happy mode (which isn't a real happiness but facade?) and neutral/angry mode (because I'm told by my co-workers I look angry? Maybe they mean constipated because I hear people are angry when they're such?). In which case, it seems my programming has received a slight upgrade due to the meeting of someone and I smile in a happy way but not in the evil way that I guess people see? To explain that, when I was on the ship and in S.Korea, people told me to smile because I looked mad all the time and I told them I was smiling. Thus, smiling isn't really suited for robots because our facial features are not as... contouring as a humans? Anyways, because I can feel myself smiling happily, I immediately go back into neutral because I don't want people to see me smile that I don't know. Yeah...

And as always, I've gotten lazy on drawing and practicing my coloring (or lack-therof) for coloring skills (if you can call it that). Of interesting note, I knew I didn't like Vista (since my Laptop ate itself of sorts with help from me which I think I explained in a previous post), but it's interesting that I can't install my scanner because Vista says it's not compatible or something? Guess I'll have to see (hopefully) if there are indeed Vista drivers or else I need to fix my Laptop (which I will do... eventually) or purge my PC of Vista's stupidness. Actually, now that I think of it... with Vista being stupid does that make the end-users stupid for upgrading to it? I know I had a hard time finding XP and Drivers for my PC; /fail for giving up I guess for me. You win this round Microsoft!

Hmm, I was going to mention the idiocy of work again like usual, but that would take awhile to explain of which I guess I'll do tomorrow when my sanity (or lackof) is back. Yeah... And AWA is soon that I can't wait.

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Saturday, August 2, 2008

1:20AM - It comes, the beat the sound of the wind and the flow of life... Chance to be different...

I've been gone for a bit. Busy here and there. Not sure what to do in the future since it's almost time for me to get out (once again) but I'll stay in (once more) to try to travel outside the states once more.

Of slight interest mayhaps is that I got kicked out of my barracks as well as alot of barracks residents because they wanted to put other people in there? o_O
So anyways, I move and even though the new barracks I'm in is usually a shared two-room room that's seperating my main room by a wall. I've made my room for sleeping on the left room (though I sleep by the window anyways since there seems to be a couch thingy) and made the right room my computer room. Though I moved, I actually like it here more since I get an actual full bathtub compared to having just a standup shower. There's also the fact there's a full kitchen in here compared to where I needed to put on pants to go cook food at the other kitchen not in the room. >_<
Oh, and because of said kitchen, I've noticed my food taste alot better and more edible since I was normally using a small one burner stove which had crappy heat and such and used it in my room so I wouldn't have to put on said pants.

Anyways, still not much to do out here and I can't seem to connect to any co-workers so I just draw and game. And I don't feel like spending an hour by myself just to go to Reno. *ugh*

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Friday, June 20, 2008

6:31PM - Good way to ruin a Weekend/Week

Well, for those who are in the Nevada area or keep up with Military News, last Friday was a real Weekend killer for me.

Imagine planes going down and you get called to help draft a message; but its a backup message. Now imagine that you finish it up for them (just incase) and print it out; all good, right? Well, not exactly as they left me there for 30 minutes without telling me anything as during the time I was drafting they told me to wait there as they got more data. After awhile, I decide to ask one of the people incharge if I could go and they tell me to standby; no problem there as I can go back to my workspace.

So I get back to my work space and find out everyone left for the day except those on the next shift. I was filled with joy (not really) for being left behind and being forgotten about. In which case, I was about to proceed to enjoy Friday and the Weekend when in passing I get a, "O, by the way, Security is recalling you." I should have taken note that this would happen since I'm in Security (side job to my current job because I got screwed over) and planes crashing should have set off alarms in me but they didn't. In the end, come to find out they needed to send me an hour away out in the middle of nowhere (desert) to stand 12 hour watches. Great start for a Friday getting off almost at 3PM and finding out it might be awhile till we secure. Sure enough, Saturday and Sunday blew right by and come this Friday, luckily they said we're done and got all they need from out there. I told my main Command I was done and so far they haven't called me back in to work since I was supposed to (as I had the 11AM to 7PM watch), but if they did, that be some major screw-age on their part. Considering that me getting off at 7AM from my 7PM watch and not getting back till 9AM in actuality then force me to go to work 2 hours later would suck. But I'll guess I'll find out on Monday if they really wanted me to come back or not.

Anime Weekend Atlanta is face coming and I hope I'm getting everything ready correctly. Though I said I'm having my brothers set it up, I'm still pulling all the strings from behind.

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

6:12PM - People eat because food exist... Curse you food!...

Well, I guess it was bound to happen. No Comiket this year due to... Issues only one can understand goes within familiness? So I guess we'll settle for AWA since I'm being told Nekocon has degraded recently? Seems to be a good chance to meet some people from WoW who are into Anime and such; definitely sounds like fun. I just know I need to go to a Con since I haven't been to one in two years.

On the other side of things, I guess I'm able to update this properly since I've been lax due to work fun fun. Still srewed up and all on me, but I guess it's to be expected. Well, I've been told they'll hook me up since I only got 30 minute break from the 5 hours I had off (if you count from 6AM) before working until 7:30 PM. Yay!... Then I get to do it all over again the next day; ugh, long day. But I'll see, I've yet to see them keep their word on that.

Eh, I guess I don't have much to talk about as usual.

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Sunday, May 4, 2008

7:23AM - *ka-boom!*... Yes, that just did explode or something...

So, heating up a breakfast I was planning to eat or add to my said breakfast plan I learned something. Apparently hard-boiled eggs are explodable under pressure? O_O

Let me back up and add that's probably only under conditions set-forth for making said eggs explode. What do I mean by that, you ask? Basically I have a tuberware container which contained those eggs; and while still keeping the lid fully closed (probably reason for said explosion), I hear them explode as I was taking my computer out of sleep mode and this was only after 30 seconds of heating up (since I put it in for about a minute or some). Needless to say, I'm not having hard-boiled eggs for breakfast and opted for something... Less explodable. Yeah, croisants will be tiding me over till lunch or I can decide to go interact with the inhabitants of this planet to get some breakfast.

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Friday, April 25, 2008

8:42AM - If you search for it... It will cost alot...

Bought a desktop though it is far inferior to my laptop even though the laptop was built over a year or two ago. I actually had to go to the one computer store to upgrade my RAM from 800 to close to 2 Gig. It sucked because it cost me about $70 per stick since they have no competitors out here for computer accessories (Wal-Mart and the Exchange didn't have any as well as Radio Shack). Factor in the fact I'm still out in the middle of nowhere (NV) and having to wait just another week to get the stuff sucks. *meh* Guess that's how it is; I probably should be productive today and do some practice sketching or actually finish the 3-4 short stories I have needing a middle and ending to it. >_>

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

7:34AM - As an IT (Information Systems Technician), I don't think I should have done that to my laptop...

So, I'm using a public computer because of some things I did to my laptop that any normal, straight-headed, and competent person should NOT have done to one's own laptop. Well, even though I'm more CPU saavy than Laptop saavy, some things still apply to both systems.

Good example, I got the pictures from the Security Force training which was on an SD card that was too small for my laptop slot (which I realized too late) and proceeded to shutdown my laptop and unplug everything (only good thing I did right). Next, I then proceeded to (kids, don't try this at home) force my laptop at an angle with said SD Slot reader pointing down (really, you shouldn't try this at home) *ahem* bang my laptop every so (semi) gently against my padded chair to dislodge said SD card. Now, I probably should have turned on the light some (or the brighter light above instead of desk lamp) as it seemed to have feel out without my knowledge. From here (yeah, I'm doing g-great! here) I took my screwdriver and without bothering to de-magnetize it, took off the cover and fan (because the fan was above my SD Slot reader) and found out it was not there (the SD Card). Looking on the floor (after that fact) I find it and go, "oh".

Now, because of my actions, my laptop only works for about 2-5 minutes and me getting the Blue Screen of Death so fast I can't see the error, though I have a vaguely good idea of what it might be. So, this payday I'll need to buy me a Desktop as my brother built the laptop and I don't know how to replace the parts (as I said, I'm not laptop saavy). Of course, I might see if there's a Computer Repair place to see what I think it might be wrong is wrong and just replace that, but we'll see.

So remember, only you can prevent Laptop fires (of which I kinda forgot to mention, I think I smelt my laptop cooking something good, but there seemed to have been a barbecue outside, so I can't really say.)

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

4:33PM - Call me crazy, but I've been waiting awhile for this moment...

So, tomorrow is the last day of my ASF (or Security Force) School. It's been a fun (refresher) three Weeks. Much different from the ship because of the more hands-on experience which I always like; I even get my own handcuffs and key. ^_^

Anyways, yesterday I got sprayed with O.C. (Oleoresin Capsicum) of which I've always wanted in a twisted and demented manner. Part of the school because you need to do an obsticle course of sorts and things like that excite me for some reason. Another good example is when they did the tear-gas room in Boot Camp, that also excited me to do as well because I see things like that as amusingly interesting? Despite all that fun I had yesterday (and the burning sensation on my face), I realized I lack training still. I was doing my best to breath and concentrate my focus for a quick recovery; granted I recovered faster than some in the class, but not to the satisfaction of myself. So, in a way I'm disappointed in that aspect that I guess I need to start meditating again and mind-clearing.

Oh, which reminds me that I am strong-willed enough to have done the course considering what happened before it was my turn. Let's see, about 4-5 people had gone before me with no problems and the 5th person got to the first part of the course with no problems and just freaked out tossing their weapon (plastic baton) and running. Needless to say, humans are mentally unstable and if it wasn't me who went, not sure if the rest would have done as well because one of the instructors had a pep talk with us letting us know that she (the one before me) psyched her onself out and not to do that. So as I said, it was good I went because I probably calmed their minds that it could be done (even though 4 others had gone, one bad apple can easily disrupt that chain).

And why did I get excited about this O.C. spray in your face event? That's because I was promised (well, told anyways) I would get done so on my ship for our deployment readiness of which I didn't, so I felt left out. Well, there were others who didn't go, but it still excited me. Yeah, and there was no after-effects that I've noticed though today in class some said they had issue taking a shower because the water will open your pores and the fun, fun all over again. Someone had to sleep on their belly because it (residue) dripped onto their back when they showered; hence they tell you to bend over else your groin area may be on fire and not in that pleasant way others try to attain.

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

12:01AM - Bordem and an active imagination is never good...

Finally got my Laptop working after Formating and Re-Formating for the umptenth time which was interesting. Graphics issue for one of my games during the 1st Format, then on the 2nd Format my Laptop decidely decides (no reason for that word usage) to eat my CD. But harken, I can go down to my neighborhood Wal-Mart which only has XP Home (I use Pro) and the Navy Exchange only has Vista. In situations like these, I'm lazy; as in I didn't want to go all the way to Reno (hour drive) just to get myself a new copy... Luckily the one Comp store that you wouldn't expect to have it indeed did through some miracle of sorts. So 2rd Format of the Re-Format and I get bad internet disconnects of which I tried to ignore but 5 minute disconnects sucks... alot. Anyways 3rd times a charm and so far everything seems to be working and now it seems my external is doing some weird tricks; but we'll see.

Speaking of said topic, it seems I have some weird underlining fantasy in regards to randomness. I'm sure someone (maybe) can relate to this type of situation where something happens that calls upon an innate skill you have or acquired in the past and you show up to perform said miracle. Example would be if you were an ex-cop and you just happen to take care of a robbery through your past experience or you played well in theatre and you happen to walk by a scene where the lead has fallen ill or such. See where I'm going with this? Me on the other hand had something more... unique of a situation. I'm at McDonald's substinating my Lunch when I had this notion that if one of their personnel were to be plagued upon by some force of nature or locust that I would be able to show up and bust out my Hamburger making skills as I used to indeed work at a McDonald's. What harkened me to imagine such a scenario and further more, become giddy at the thought of displaying the awesomeness of making said Hamburger or whatever order came to be I can't say. In which case, there were no Locust to be had that day and I quitely finished my meal and left McDonald's as it was.

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Monday, February 11, 2008

7:09AM - Fallon Fun-ness?...

Well, yesterday was interestingly amusing nonetheless. I'm still new to work and everything and I'm still getting the information on what to do as it comes in and not before, which is typical of Navy training. Anywho's, I got the pager which I get so that I can help troubleshoot any issues that arise after our normal work hours and the person who gave it to me said that the 50'ish times he's had it, it only went off for him 3 times. Now, I should have taken this as a sign of doom because I had 2 calls on Saturday (when I got it) and 2 on Sunday (the day aftr which was yesterdays fun). That being that I've only had it for two days and the pager already likes me. I don't like troubleshooting things beyond my scope of training or experience because I basically spent 5 hours on a one minute fix; come to find out with was the fiber needing to be re-tipped that if I knew how to do I would have done. But I live on Base and had to call people in who didn't thus more time wasted.

Y'know, I seem to only use LJ for work rantings since that's the only interesting that happens to me. But I guess I might head out to one of the Casino's since I can play for extra cash? I already know my limits and don't plan on being an addict like some become though I'm trying to set my planning such as probably once a month I'd go to Reno for some gambling? They do have Gambling recovery places all over the place here though (for obvious reasons) as NV seems to be a major gambling bonanza? The freak'n airport had slots when I arrived. Not only that, but when my Mom came down here to visit, I saw one guy easily blow 2K-3K like it was nothing only to go back for more; that's like my freak'n paycheck after 3-4 months!

Anyways, enough of that, I'm trying to improve my drawing/writing/story-writing skills which I hope to get better at, but that's always hard on a self-teach level without the dedication or ingrained abilities?

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

7:36AM - The one in the family to understand...

Two or One and a Half Quiz thingies before some random ramblings on my parts.

Regarding the Sailor Moon one, it would be higher if I was a Female since it's mostly directed at the Female species? So, that's kinda unfair, but I guess a decent score as a Male?

Interesting how when one gets complacent that things start to change.

I finally got my car from South Carolina brought down to Neveda and really appreciate what my Mom did in bringing it down. Where I'm currently at, there's almost little to nothing to do without driving out to Reno (about an hour's drive) to do something worthwhile?

In regards to the my first sentence, it seems that my parents are having communication problems, of which I saw when we tried to get a hotel for Tuesday. Either they don't like to hear certain things or ignoring important parts of information, but I know I told my Dad to reserve a room that he saw online because it was about $40 dollars. Because he didn't do that, we actually had to reserve the room and it came out to $60. I have more than one reason to care about this besides the obvious price-saving that would be incurred, but also for the simple fact that they're using my money (still) leaving me with only $200 for a while 2-3 Weeks for anything. Granted I get free lodging (since I stay in the barracks) and free food (because I live in the barracks), but what if I want something else to eat, something to do or even get off the base. Then on my Mom's side I told her we'd leave at 10PM instead of 11PM since we finished dinner earlier the other day. Went gambling and she spent more than she told me she would, so she got angry for taking her away an hour early, but she came back afterwards when I went to sleep.

Of course that stuff doesn't really matter, just mostly money problems on my side. However, it seems that because of this communication problem, I guess my parents will get divorced after 20+ years. Apparently my Dad doesn't listen to anything my Mom says and doesn't feel like doing something simple all of which involves spending money they can save, thus borrowing more money from me (you could actually say I'm their Payday Loan that they'll never pay back).

Despite all this, I will always be elluded the actions and affections of human interactions. My experience and knowledge is limited, but I know that something this simple to fix (if both parties involved try) can be done, but it seems that my Dad doesn't see it as nothing than a whimsical nature of my Mom and nothing serious. I know that my Mom talked to me about it and glad she got that off her chest; things bottled up are never good for those who lack self-control. And in that regards, I seem to be the one my family (immediate) goes to to talk about conflicts between each other; because I'm always been the calm and neutral one who understands.

Maybe I want to help them out of selfish reasons of security. It's been a long while since my Biological parents divorced and I barely talk to my real Dad since my Mom didn't want much to do with him. If my Mom divorces again, I'm not sure what I'll do since my Dad (Step-Father) was always overseas so I can relate more easily to my Mom? I'm probably evil in the aspect that I would seem uncaring when the time comes; living in my world of solitude without outside forces other than my family, I take things as they come. Not to say that I don't/won't care, but I don't allow myself to be in the emotional state that many other are... Love, Hate are just words I do not allow myself to use or experience. Both are extremes of each spectrum that most experience in life so far at my age, but I will hope I never have to use "Hate" and my seclusion will not let me use "Love", but I acknowledge their existance as anything else that can or will exist based on its will. Let's just say I'm selfish in this matter and don't believe people should be whimsical like this when it seems like such a simple fix.

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

7:57AM - Faster, Stronger, Better... Just not Smarter...

Yeah, even though I get older, I know I sure don't act it most of the time. I forgot the last time I've seen snow, but I think it may have been when I was in VA with Kunami and Trowa?

In any case, it actually/finally snowed down here in NV (of which I've been waiting for). I had just woke up and was heading out to work since it was Morning and as I opened the curtains I saw white upon white. Needless to say, I felt giddy but couldn't do anything about it since I had 30 min to get to work and it take about 15 min to walk there (plus or minus?). Though walking through all the glory whiteness of snow fluff, I had to keep my urge from being like a dog to grass and not roll around in it (btw, we only have alot of rocks/gravel to be the equivelant of grass?) Now that I think about it, during Christmas, they gave out a Tent as a gift for us Single Sailors/Geo Bachelors who couldn't visit family; if I had that, I'd probably be highly interested in pitching that up right ouside my barracks room. =3

Alas, I took the easy way and just grabbed easily identifyable gifts: Popcorn Tin, Pillow, Neck Massager. And there's also no privacy on this huge but small base because if I remember last time... the military doesn't like the abnormal of things like that, hence going down on an up escalator almost got me in trouble? So my snow frolicking will have to wait awhile until I can find a good spot; oh and it did snow more so we now have 2 inches as opposed to the 1 inch from yesterday?

Here's something I filched from Placetohide's LJ. I'm suprised how badly I suck since I'm kinda the Official/UnOfficial Guild Greeter in my Guild; i.e. I Greet/Welcome everyone who Logs on in the Guild as well as everyone on my Friends list whilst Questing, Raiding, BG'ng, Instancing all the while with a seemingly perfect grammer score and usage of elipse's here and there. Because of the speed and accuracy I usually do this in, some believe that it's an Addon at 1st.

73 words

Touch Typing online

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

5:36AM - Tis the season?...

Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas depending on how you celebrate it.

For those who traveled to spend your days, I hope you made it to your destination without any incidents or problems. Those who didn't need to travel, I hope you are able to spend it with the one's you cherish or at least get to spend some time together. Have a nice day and stay safe everyone.

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

5:50PM - Apparation of the Hallucination..

I guess coming back to the States with the hopefullness of not having to deal with classified material is out the window (again) for the 2nd time of my career. Not only that, but it seems that each time has been... Not as good as the last to gradually getting worst = Very bad this time. In anycase, I'll just leave a slight summary of something that happened to me on the 2nd or 3rd week before I was to leave Korea.

For those who live in reality and understand how things actually work in the larger scheme of things may have their head explode from the randomness that my brain was somehow able to produce from this situations. And I mean that lightly as I don't even understand what prompted my thoughts this way though it could have been the Yellow Dust that blows in from China up North of us. Two hallucinations.

Hallucination 1 - Short (very short) afterwork fun

Okay, it might do well to describe the area which might partially help how my mind came up with this situation.

Setting - If you're able to, think of being in an alley of sorts (meaning narrow spacing) with fences surrounding the buildings and surrounding you. Some trees here and there between said fences with a slight drizzle coming down.

Event - I had just gotten off work and it was around 6PM with the light drizzle and darkness falling. I had just walked maybe 4-5 feet from the building I work at when I had this sudden feeling of being followed/watched. With the light rain and current setting, the 1st thing my brain processed was that there was a T-Rex nearby. Yes, I said it... T-Rex as in King of the Lizards T-Rex. After processing this information for a few seconds (though it probably should have been instantaneous instead), I actually realized that such a thing is a highly improbable situation.

That's about it for that one; as I said very short. Following that same week (must have been a good week for me?) I encountered another one (not T-Rex) but eerie sensation.

Hallucination 2 - Things that go bump in the morning

Setting - It was early morning (probably around 6-7AM) and I was walking to the BX (Army's equivelant to an NEX for those who know military terms; if not, basically a small store with food court capabilities). Small two-lane road with a gaurd-rail midway to said destination.

Event - Anyways, what happened here is I'm walking along the curb near the road when at the 1st intersection, I spot a dead bird and feel sorry for the poor thing. Not able to really do anything for it, I continue walking and get to the area of road with a guard-rail. Now here, I notice that there is barb-wired fencing around it which is strange because it wasn't their yesterday evening and I didn't see anyone around; plus it didn't appear that any exercise (military exercise I mean) had occured. I don't know what prompted me to feel so, but I started to get slightly paranoid. Following the road still I come across another dead bird but this one looks as if it's chest either burst open or was eaten. What happens next is that I ger really paranoid and look around my surrounding expecting to see a zombie (yeah, Zombies now) to hobble around a corner or tree. That was the only conclusion I could come up with at the time with regards to the two dead animals, barb-wired fencing appearing out of nowhere and not a single living soul to be found around. Being alert still, I'm scanning when I spot... something near the barb-wired fence of which upon closer inspection revealed to be a Army guy starting to take down the fencing.

When I got back to the States to spend time with family, I told them this of which two of my brothers... despite not understanding my reasoning did understand the end result for the Zombie event because of the situation. That partially makes me feel better of not being completely crazy as I don't like to be in the complacent attitude that things like the above are impossible but rather highly improbable. I say it like that because things in the past that seemed impossible then are not afforded to us as a commonplace (i.e. Planes, Space Travel, Color T.V.). I rather be the prepared one then the food chain of another.

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

11:43AM - Accountability equals Scapegoatedness or something like that...

Not to long ago, I almost because the Scapegoat at work for something that went wrong only because I did my Job and did it right. I know what you're probably thinking, "Serves you right for doing good at your job!" but that's the way things are; if they can find someone to blame, they blame them. Anyways a slight synopsis of what transpired that ammuses me still to no end.

It's the afternoon on my off-day and I get a call by a co-worker to stop by work because my 1st Class Petty Officer (or Supervisor) wanted to speak with me about something. Now, I don't think too much into if I'm in trouble or anything because I don't do anything that would get me in trouble and if I do, I make sure not to leave any evidence behind of such actions, but apparently the co-worker had meant to tell me to come in my Uniform (I went to work in my Civilian attire since I didn't think myself in trouble and it was my off-day anyways).

Once at work, I'm told I'm in trouble and I need to be in Uniform and need to go back and get it and then come back, so another 10-15 Min to go do so and I get back. Now, what had happened that I'm supposidly in trouble for is that one of our systems is down because a Petty Officer (my Rank out of 3 other Petter Officers who I work with) had Authorized our distant end partners to take a system offline for whatever reason that escapes me.

This is where it gets good. They reason I'm singled out is because I actually fill out my Daily Logs (recordings of status every hour or any sudden changes to our systems whether down for a few minutes and the troubleshooting taken to restore) and I had an entry that was close to the time that this Petty Officer Authorized whatever it is the end partner asked for on said system. Here, I have to hold my composure as my brain processes the fact that I'm in trouble because I did my Job and they have no one else to blame. To make sure I was fully and 100% sure that's what they were implying, I asked them that of which they confirmed as such. I then proceed to ask why no one else is being called in since the Logs aren't filled with that information since it would be Logical (in an Illogical Navy system anyways) to call everyone in to work to resolve this problem.

To back up some, we have 2 locations we work at and the other location (not distant end support) I get a call from one of the Techs we work with of which I explain what happened and to use my Logs to understand of while my Supervisor goes to his Supervisor of what I said. Now, apparently my words are being mangled (don't you love backstabbers) and puts it together with my Logs as saying I'm the one who Authorized whatever outage it is that's effecting the system.

After a good half hour or hour, they find out they have the wrong person of which they finally call in the right person (Note: about 90% of my co-workers don't really fill out the Daily Logs like they should) that while they're correcting their mistakes, I have a good laugh with my Sub-Supervisor as he noticed my Supervisors error after hearing my explanation and reasoning the 1st time around. And that is why we're not Canadian Mounties, because we can't do it right the 1st time.

Now, after all this, if you remember awhile back, the Supervisor apologizes to me. And like last time if you remember, he tried to make it seem like it was partially my fault because for my issue, which was almost related, I should have told someone (Supervisor/Tech). What am I talking about? In my Logs that they tried to use as my downfall for being a Scapegoat was that the distant end support had moved some equipment on their side (somewhere of which I have no access to) which cause a minor outage of said circuit, but they were able to restore it. What my Supervisor told me was that I should have told him or someone else about them moving equipment over on their side because it's our equipment. If I don't have physical access to it, nor if I'm unable to do anything with it regarding software, why would I assume it's my equipment... especially if I don't even know where it is.

But as you can see, even though I did the right thing, I still did the wrong thing for doing my Job. On that last note, I asked if I should be like everyone else and just not fill out my Daily Logs properly. *laughs*

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Friday, October 12, 2007

9:18PM - Getting better?... Or this is the extent of my abilities?...

Still working on getting ready to leave S.Korea. It really sucks alot being on an Army Base to get Navy related things done regarding my paperwork. Even more so on a small Base with the lack of personnel needed to get my paperwork done, even more so with a larger lack of Navy personnel that work with the Army. I haven't even gotten my Travel Information done which include my plane tickest and destination back to the States and how I'm going to set-up my Leave. Hopefully things go well, but the Military are not the best when it comes to organization.

I've finally made Level 70 on WoW, which is amazing considering how much I suck at playing the game. In which case, because I like to draw (despite my lack of abilities), I've decided to draw my character and a few of my Friends. I guess it came out okay, but I'll try to draw the rest of my Friends in order to increase my abilities. I might link them in the next entry or something, but it seems that my current skills haven't improved much since High School... so that kinda sucks as well. One thing I do want is to at least get some better art supplies as they have a lackage of such at the Art & Crafts Center out here and because I can't surf properly on this Gov't computer, can't even Buy them online. But that's because I'm too lazy to do it during my off-time when I have 12 hours of nothingness to do at work I guess.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

11:13PM - You can tell that they really like me... the Navy that is... NOT!...

Been awhile since I've updated, but been having fun (if you can call it that) fixing the screw-ups that the Navy hands down to me. What do I mean? We, besides them knowing that I'm not Obliserving and such, they gave me Orders that required me to Obliserve (which I can't change and they're the one's who pick them out for me!). Well, this happened not once but twice! So you can kinda see how well they think and the fact that I have to wait one Month to get New Orders because they're such a screwed up system.

Anyways, after screwing up, they've finally settled on sending me to Nevada... Fallon, NV that is, which is probably as desolate as Sugar Grove, WV. But you know what, I'm an adapter (best way to survive) so solitude and exclusion is nothing new to me. I just hope they have a freak'n DDR Machine as I've been having withdrawel since being in S.Korea. Closest one is about an hour or two away and there are nobody else who likes it. And just to clarify, I have gone out by myself but I get lost easily. Heck, if this was in the States, I'd still have the same problem.

Of good interest (I guess) is that I've started back on my Middle School Project. I had a vision of a dimensional multitude with a variety of characters with even crappy blueprints of the planets and dimensions of visitation. I still suck at drawing, but I guess that won't easily change, but I have gone through all my characters and realized I should make some of them female only for the fact that at the time of this idea, I was heavily influenced drawing Marvel and Capcom characters for Friends so it ended up all my characters were buff and manly? Plus I didn't have as much details (well enough but I want to make it unique or so) and have decided to revamp them. Even change their names (for obvious reasons that I suck and naming anything which is suprising I was even able to come up with Lecora Alzuras as my Nickname... well, Alzuras anyways). Yeah, and the Names were also of a Marvel/Capcom/Super Hero-type convention of sorts.

I wish I could stay Overseas or see more of the World, but it seems that when I put the option of getting out up there, the Navy has decided just to kick me out. I'm not a Patriotic type nor against it, but I like doing what I'm doing and such as well as traveling... so I'll see if I can't get into another Branch, if not, then I'll just have to fallback on Alternate Plan B and C depending on the difficulties.

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